Monday, November 10, 2014

Lenovo Y40 Gaming Laptop Review - The Little Laptop That Could

If you have been looking for what I like to call the PC gaming trinity - affordable, thin/light, and having gaming specs - then look no further than the Lenovo Y40. This review will be based on the cheapest model in their lineup, so its performance will only prime you for how much better the other models are because this one is pretty darn good. Find more pictures and the full review after the jump.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

An introduction to modding

Well, it has been quite some time. If you care to know, finishing an undergrad, applying for a masters, and preparing to raise a baby is very time consuming.

I was hoping that I would have some sweet projects to share in that time, but I do not. What I do have, however, is much experience gained from doing things for other people. Unfortunately, I either cannot share those or they are not really fit for this blog. In lieu of that, I thought I would continue giving tips and theories on doing certain projects. This time, it is modding in general!

Image courtesy of Roboduck: